Travel and Accommodation

CISS will take place at Ulcinj in Montenegro. To be more precise, the venue is directly located at the Velika Plaža (Long Beach) which is a 12 kilometres long stretch of sandy beach and the longest beach on the Montenegrin coast. In 2010, The New York Times named Ulcinj as one of the best places to go.

Ulcinj – one of the oldest settlements in the Adriatic coast – was founded in 5th century BC. It is the administrative centre of Ulcinj Municipality, which has a population of 19,921. The town of Ulcinj itself has a population of 10,707. Ulcinj Municipality is the centre of the Albanian community in Montenegro. It is the only municipality in Montenegro where Albanians form the majority with 70%. Most of the population belongs to Islamic religion, followed by Orthodox and Catholics. In the municipality of Ulcinj, Montenegrin (a standardized variety of the Serbo-Croatian language) and Albanian language are both official languages and are equal under the Statute. So, do not wonder if you see Ulqin (alb.) instead of Ulcinj on street signs or Plazhi i Madh (alb.) instead of Velika Plaža.

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Seminar participants will be accommodated in Panorama Hotel which is a two-minute walk away from Hotel Otrant where also most of the lectures and workshops will take place.

Fees include accommodation in a single room with private bathroom as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner provided at the summer school venue. Free WLAN is available in the hotel.

The venue can be reached either via Podgorica or Tivat airport which are are around 70 kilometres (80 kilometres) away from Ulcinj. For further information on e.g. low-cost airlines flying from your home country to Podgorica or Tivat, visit the following website:

Complimentary transportation from/to airport to/from the venue will be organized on arrival (SUN, May 28) and departure (SAT, June 2) days