CISS offers young interested researchers within the fields of innovation and competition economics the possibility to intensively discuss their dissertation plan within a peer group of experienced and renowned scholars, other PhD students and post-doc researchers. Topics of the school are clustered around the key subjects "innovation" and "competition" as well as their interaction.

The schedule of CISS offers three types of sessions:

  1. Formal lectures in the morning giving a broad overview on specific research topics and current research in the particular fields.
  2. Workshops on research tools which will provide students with more hands-on methodologies, such as econometric applications (e.g. panel data, count data models, competition policy in two-sided markets, etc.).
  3. Student workshops offer young researchers the opportunity to discuss their PhD work together with juniors from the same field and faculty members. Participants will be assigned in different groups chaired by faculty discussants. The more informal character of these sessions (round table style) fosters interesting and lively discussions among participants.